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1993, US federal trademark registration was filed GENESYS logo use for security system. The description provided to the USPTO for GENESYS is closed circuit television equipment; namely, cameras, monitors, sequential switchers, and quad splitters. GENESYS logo Registered in year 1994, use it for all security products. Vicon(China-Hong Kong Sales and Support Office) are develops, manufactures the GENESYS product in china. All products only sell into china markets. Year 2010 V GENESYS sells into all Asia countries. Products are are sold in asia through a network of independent dealers and system integrators.

V genesys as industry-leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of video systems and components used for security, surveillance, safety and control purposes. Systems and products are installed worldwide in some of the largest companies, public facilities, entertainment venues, and government and municipal facilities.

V genesys's mission is to provide our customers with consistent reliable and user friendly products that are produced efficiently.

About Us

V genesys is an industry-leading provider of complete IP-based security solutions. Our open-platform video management system with user-friendly and capabilities allows for easy integration with many third-party security solutions, including access control, number plate recognition and perimeter detection software. Use our VMS to create a powerful, flexible and expandable video-centric system that's suitable for any environment.

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